Relevance Theory Course 2016


Here is some information on a short course on relevance theory which we organised in 2016. It was great fun to organise and I really enjoyed the sessions. It was great to have a lively discussion with people from different research backgrounds and, of course, great for PhD students and other researchers to have a chance to talk to each other.

The course was devised and taught by me (Billy Clark) with lots of help and support from my department (Media) and faculty (Arts and Creative Industries) at Middlesex. Special thanks to Anna Charalambidou and Nayomi Roshini !

The course was designed primarily for graduate students and early career researchers but was open to all.

People came from various parts of Middlesex University and we had external attendees from a number of other places (and countries!)

There were four two-hour sessions. Here is a brief description of each and links to the materials used in the sessions:

Week 1: Overview of relevance theory and plans for the course



2016 relevance handout week 1

2016 relevance presentation week 1

Week 2: Explicature and implicature



2016 relevance handout week 2

2016 relevance presentation week 2

Week 3: Metaphor and irony



2016 relevance handout week 3

2016 relevance presentation week 3

Week 4: Testing and developing the theory


2016 relevance handout week 4

2016 relevance presentation week 4


We might do something similar in future. Hope to see you there if we do!





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