What our first-year think about BA English

The first year ever of BA English is coming to an end and today I’ve asked a handful of our students to write down a sentence or two about their experiences so far.

I was so, so pleased to hear what our students had to say about their first year at uni.

  • “Amazing first year packed with new experiences and exciting seminars! Loved my first year at Middlesex!” 
brit lib 2
Billy explaining the connection between King George and Middlesex University: From our Study Trip to the British Library 13th February 2017
  • “This course has encouraged creativity, sophisticated discussions and tapped into our personal writing ‘voice’ – letting us explore who we are as writers and what we want to say to the world.” 
  • “BA English is a very broad subject and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in English language. This year we studied English Literature and English Language too. They both interlink really well and made me realise that English is more than just a subject to study but it is also a fascinating part of life.” 
  • “Studying English at Middlesex has given me the opportunity to discuss and explore prevalent themes and ideas within a range of literary and spoken texts.” 
  • “Initially I found the course to be intimidating due to many modules. However, this intimidation was quickly replaced by curiosity and being more open to new information. One of my favourite modules would be ‘Writing and the Contemporary World’ due to teaching me new styles of writing such as ‘free writing’. It also introduced me to writing from various cultures. All four modules made me more comfortable when presenting (which we have done quite often).” 

Happy Easter, everyone!


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