A Ghost’s Story goes paperback

The first novel of our colleague Dr Lorna Gibb, A Ghost’s Story, has just come out in paperback. The paperback edition of the book was launched at Middlesex on October 4th 2016 – if you weren’t there you missed the artisan wine provided by Granta and the delicious nibbles.



The intriguing book describes the various incarnations of the ‘celebrity’ spirit Katie King, who was supposedly channelled by mediums at séances in both Europe and America from the late 19th century to present day. The Independent described the book as a “playful, highly readable, and a paean to the mystery and unknowability of the creative imagination.”

Here, Lorna discusses discusses the book and what her experience as an author brings to the classroom.

Dr  Lorna Gibb

Finally, the volume is one of the front runners in the Edinburgh International Book Festival which is to be decided by public vote. You don’t need to write a review, that’s optional, just vote and leave details to prove you’re real (not some floating spirit revealing itself at seances). Voting closes at midnight on Friday 14 October 2016.

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